Last Call at the Rim of the Central Well // Sing, Goddess!

A queer retelling of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice

Two men share a drink and a story in the neon shadows of Club Gaudia, a substreet bar in the seedy Six Rivers sector of the city. Dougal comes to the bar each night in search of his missing fiancée and desperate for an audience with the club’s mysterious owner, who he is sure is the key to understanding her disappearance. One fateful night he shares his tale with Kenrick, a curious stranger who begins to challenge what Dougal has come to believe is true—about the fractured relationship that he’s still chasing and the woman who loved and left him. As he pleads his case for needing to know what really happened to the Mistress of Club Gaudia, he also must decide what his place in his own cracking narrative truly is.

“Last Call at the Rim of the Central Well” is part of Sing, Goddess!, a YA anthology of Greek Myth retellings from the authors of Snowy Wings Publishing.

About the Anthology

Aphrodite. Zeus. Medusa. Hercules. You’ve heard their names. You thought you knew their stories… until now.

Lose yourself in this collection of eleven young adult re-imaginings of Greek myths from the authors of Snowy Wings Publishing. From magical kingdoms under the sea to the halls of a modern high school, from Ancient Greece to the distant future, you will find romance, courage, fantasy, danger, and more. With each story bringing a twist on a classic legend, there is something for everyone to enjoy again and again.

Across the ages, the Muses call: SING, GODDESS!

Publication Information

Snowy Wings Publishing (August 24, 2021)
Young Adult Short Stories
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-952667-51-0
Edited by Jane Watson

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